Fallen Angel

Linda Darnell and Charles Bickford in Fallen Angel.

Stella (Linda Darnell) is a waitress in a diner located on the Pacific coast of northern California. Seems a number of guys have eyes for her. Stella's attractive all right, but her station in life has left her sullen, cynical and world-weary. She'd like to find a man with enough of an income to lift her out of her doldrums, but as of yet that hasn't happened. Until she meets Eric Stanton. Eric's a ne'er-do-well, a drifter, and Stella's attracted to him, up to a point. Eric's scheme is to marry the local middle-aged spinster, fleece her out of her fortune, then run off with Stella. But Stella ends up dead, and of course Eric is one of the prime suspects. Here we see Stella before her untimely demisae, pouring coffee for Mark Judd (Charles Bickford), a transplant from New York and one-time police detective.

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